About Us

Driven by a desire to own her own business Lisa “Adell” started selling jewelry out of her home several years ago. She would host parties for family, friends and many of her local church members. As her business grew, Lisa recognized that selling jewelry just wasn’t enough, and so she decided to market to her customers a whole line of accessories which includes hats, wraps, scarves, and much more. 

Since that time her business has seen tremendous growth and she is called upon to offer her products to women and men at various conferences, socials, private parties, High Teas, and a host of other special events.


For more Information about our products please write us at:

335 E. Albertoni Dr. #200-311
Carson, CA 90746

Contact Information:
Phone/Fax: 213-718-4103
Email: adellsjewelry@gmail.com